Welcome to the Unofficial My Brother, My Brother and Me Webcomic - Road Trip Mysteries!

What started as a simple goof on the MBMBaM Appreciation Group, the idea for this project lodged in my brain and refused to leave unless I made something out of it. 20🐍! Originally, the plan was to have our good, good podcast boys taking on the role of a team of superheroes, fighting crime and saving the day from many of their best goofs, but, I quickly realized that the story would better work as a Scooby-doo-like 'mystery' series, pitting the brothers and their lack of super powers against the very creatures and creations of their own content.

If you have no idea what My Brother, My Brother and Me is, have never heard of the McElroys, or just have no idea what we're talking about, then you have some serious catching up to do.


  • Is this an official McElroy product?
    NOPE! We are not at all affiliated with MBMBaM, or the McElroys. This is a fan-made project.
  • This is great! Are there going to be more issues?
    Maybe! It was a lot of fun to work on this project, but it isn't free to pay for hosting, illustrators, etc. So it depends entirely on how well this is received - if you guys like it or not - and if I can afford to keep going.
  • Does this cost any money? Can I buy a physical book?
    We're happy to share this comic to everyone, for FREE! We would to print some physical books - or have some merch to offer, but we'll have to see. No one is under any obligation to pay for this comic at all! However, if you do like what we do, you can show your support through our Patreon.
  • Is this website really ad-free?
    Yes! For a few reasons:
    • The current state of Web Advertisements is ridiculous. Advertisers often use shifty, tricky, and sometimes dangerous exploits to try and overreach the boundaries of just having an image that links back to their website.
    • Content creators who are trying to make money are faced with opening their viewers up to these dangers for what is a laughably small amount of revenue.
    • It is dangerously irresponsible to use the internet these days WITHOUT using some kind of AdBlock and/or Privacy enhancing tools.
    • I am a strong believer that if you find enjoyment in a creative work, that you should find ways to help and support the creator(s). Monetarily, if reasonable, or even just spreading the word.
    For these reasons, I've abandoned advertising for my website-based projects. I welcome you to show your support by donating - but only if you want to! Support us on Patreon, or telling people about this webcomic on all the different social medias out there.


  • Kayla Mitchell — Illustrator
    Kayla is a freelance illustrator and animator from Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Tim I Hely — Writer, Webdesign, misc
    Tim is the founder of Axol Studio, LLC, an independent Game Development (and webcomic?) Studio based in St Louis, Missouri.
  • Chris House — Cover Artist
    Chris is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and concept artist hailing from St. Louis, MO.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Contact us at roadtrip@axolstudio.com!